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31_days -- august 09 -- index


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looks:Case, Cat

I recently discovered Portrait Photos dot org and decided to put it to use trying to figure out / get references for how two of the CAU's main characters look. It was made slightly easier by the fact that they are basically -- physically at least -- the same person.

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Hopefully this will help me in the quest to actually draw them (since it would be far too much to ask for one of these models to have the right scars).
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repost: the dream room and the difference

part 1/2
world sai'da (AU)
warnings none/minor
from dribdrabble
written ~8 March 2009
what a drabble, attempt at setting the scene, or description.

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part 2/2
words 564
world sai'da (AU)
title the difference
warnings yes, minor
from cofmanynames
written ~27 February 2009
when end of By the Truth in Stories
drabble, short or scene, depending

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newslike notification Soon there will be indexes: in theory they are tomorrow's project. In practice since I've said I'm doing them this counts as jinxing myself and they won't happen. Except now I've lampshaded it, so who knows how it will turn out.
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define: D'Tielrát

part n/a
words 448
world sai'da
warnings none
written this week (final draft today)
story Enna's efforts to define everything
when pre-F&W, Revolution; post-Magus; Enna's perhaps the fifth master-teacher.
what an attempt at a definition (of D'Tielrát, correct on most counts, though not quite all)
notes written for runaway_tales , prompts of Vanilla Bean (fate) and Cookie Dough (definition) which I am currently working on but cannot post due to the fact that I haven't officially started them yet. Hence the ending up here instead of the Tales written for those prompts, at least until I get Rainbow Sherbet, Maple Walnut, Chocolate Chip Mint, Cookies & Cream and the pending Rum Raisin (which I cannot spell) out of the way.

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